Order your signed copy.Tasia’s Table: Cooking with the Artisan
Cheesemaker from Belle Chevre

Tasia’s Table is a book born of good meals, family, and friends. I
have a tradition at my table that is my personal take on saying
the blessing or raising one’s glass with a few words at the beginning
of a meal. It is inclusive and communal as everyone at the
table, or standing in wait for a buffet brunch, is required to participate.
At my house, around my table, we say “Three Things”.
Everyone, whether it is three or 30, goes in
turn to say three things we are thankful for before the first fork
is raised.

I hope this book, full of recipes meant to showcase delicious
artisanal goat cheese, finds its place in your kitchen. There are
breakfast recipes, Southern recipes, Greek recipes, snack recipes,
desserts, and everything in between. These recipes are
meant for sharing and showing off. They are as beautiful as they
are delicious, and kid-friendly, too. I hope they find a treasured
place around your table.

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