That’s Paul

Get to know Paul Chan

Paul Chan is the founder and CEO of TasiasTable, a social impact enterprise dedicated to promoting access to healthy, sustainably sourced food for underserved communities. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Paul has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, founding his first business at the age of 15. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Business Management, he decided to pursue his dream of creating a sustainable business model that would benefit underserved communities while also supporting local farmers and businesses.

In 2017, Paul launched TasiasTable as an online marketplace connecting consumers to locally sourced produce from family farms as well as artisanal food products from small producers. The company works closely with partner organizations serving vulnerable populations such as refugee families and homeless shelters to provide them with access to healthy and nutritious food. Since its launch, TasiasTable has quickly become one of the leading social enterprises in North America.

Paul is passionate about using technology to create meaningful change in society. Under his leadership, TasiasTable has been recognized by numerous organizations for its innovative approach to solving food insecurity issues. He was recently named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 40 entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine and was awarded the 2020 Social Entrepreneur Prize from Elevate Ventures in recognition of his commitment to creating economic opportunities for underserved communities.

When not working on TasiasTable, Paul can be found hiking on Vancouver Island or spending time with family and friends. He is committed to continuing his mission of building healthier communities through increased access to healthy foods and sustainable farming practices.